Call for Papers

Scope and Topics

ITAS 2024 is an international forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, results, experiences and concerns in the several perspectives of information technology and applications.

We are pleased to invite you to submit your papers to ITAS 2024. All submissions will be reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, importance and clarity.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) :

  • Advances in information systems modelling and design methodologies 
  • Enterprise, business and technological process modelling 
  • Data warehouse and multidimensional modelling, analysis and mining 
  • Methodologies for continuous information systems adaptation and software evolution 
  • Architecture patterns and models for design of large-scale information systems 
  • Information systems architecture 
  • Information systems development tools 
  • Component-based information technologies 
  • Semantic Web technologies in intelligent information systems design 
  • Agent-based information technologies 
  • Information systems integration and tools for supporting information integration 
  • Practical experience with integration approaches 
  • Information systems and telecommunication technologies 
  • Modern database technologies and their applications 
  • Process modelling for enterprises 
  • Concepts, techniques and applications of electronic and mobile business 
  • Customer relationship management, knowledge management and helpdesks: organization, automation, systems, experiences 
  • Security issues in information systems 
  • Web oriented business and technological process control and reengineering 
  • ERP/MRP systems concepts and technologies 
  • Information technologies for managing, modelling and simulating social, economical, environmental, and technical objects and processes 
  • Information retrieval and natural language processing 
  • Intelligent data processing and knowledge-based information technologies 
  • E-Learning and Web-enterprise training 
  • Management of information systems projects 
  • Mobile computing and information systems 
  • Pervasive computing and information systems 
  • Open Source software vs. enterprise information systems 
  • Visual information processing and information visualisation 
  • Other topics related to the application of information systems technology