ITAS provides Private Cloud hosting. With ITAS as your partner, your company will benefit from the power of virtualization while relying on the security, performance, and reliability of a dedicated system. ITAS provides design services to assist companies moving from traditional server infrastructures to virtual hosting environments. Our team will work with you to design a custom, private cloud to meet the specific needs of your business.

ITAS solves your IT management and support needs. Regular expert maintenance will keep your PCs, servers, and networks up and running, so you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Problems are responded to quickly, remotely or on-site. Your systems are protected, secure and available when you need them most, so your employees stay productive.


ITAS enterprise services which is based heavily on the ITIL principles offers a wide range of services from incident management to help desk support. IT infrastructures have become incredibly complex, while the demand for reliable and efficient service is constantly growing. ITAS can work with your current IT department to develop plan and implement new solutions that can offer more availability, scalability and service will reducing the overall cost of ownership.

IT REMOTE ADMINS is a smart alternative to a full time administrative consultant.

Technical Issues addressed in a timely fashion through our new rapid response ticketing support system.

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