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Today’s enterprises increasingly rely on IT to cope up with the rapid and competitive market demands. CXOs today are facing a myriad of challenges in attaining ‘Operational Simplicity’ that will help them align IT with business goals and ensure technology meets business objectives. As are constantly seeking for new product enhancements that will enable them to lower their operational costs and reduce the complexity of operations, a unified management of all support operations in the enterprise, encompassing infrastructure, applications and business processes is of absolute essence.

ITAS, a rapidly growing company in the Technology Operations Management space purely focuses on the OPEX side of the equation. We understand the fact that in most organizations, the greatest share of costs lies in the infrastructure and operational base of existing applications while their spend/focus on new capabilities diminishes. This creates a hurdle for the CIO in achieving his goals of aligning IT with business.

We help large enterprises navigate from the current IT state of 30/70 to a desired state where building new capabilities will be core focus while day-to-day OPEX challenges will be managed by an ‘Operation Optimization’ specialist.

ITAS offers a unique ITIL manage technology operations in an enterprise, encompassing infrastructure, applications and business processes. This ITIL standard drives support management, linking business processes and outcomes with their underlying technology processes.

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